Now there is really no excuse not to eat your vegetables. The MVAC Food Hub in Mankato cleans and preps the veggies for you, all you have to do is pick them up each week. Even better, they all come from local producers.

The MVAC Food Hub in Mankato is a nonprofit, wholesale local foods distributor that will wash, package and resell to local consumers looking to add fresh fruits and veggies to their diet.

Manager Joe Domeier says, “We expose them to vegetables they may not normally try. If it is in the bag, they try it and often times find they like it.”

Each week members of the hub pick up their bag of veggies for the week, they even include recipes and cooking tips in each bag.

Domeier says, “We wash those with a hydrogen peroxide and vinegar sanitizing solution so it knocks off any surface bacteria. That helps with food safety and the shelf life of the veggies.”

Now in its third year, the Food Hub has been embraced by the community. It supports around 20 farmer/producers in a 50-mile radius.

Domeier says, “Local farmers are getting paid a living wage for their food. I don’t know many people that work harder than produce farmers.”

Consumers are benefiting, too.

Domeier says, “I’ve had people say their spouses have lost weight because they are eating more veggies.”

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