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Supporting Others With MS

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The Multiple Sclerosis Society estimates there are at least 200 people living with MS in the Mankato area, even so, many struggling with the disease often feel they are alone. Jen Carlson was a young woman, ready to start a family, when she was diagnosed with MS.

Jen Carlson says, “I didn’t want to think about it or talk to anybody about MS.”

But as the disease progressed she knew she needed help beyond what she could get from the doctor.

Jen says, “They have different ideas they can give me on dealing with different situations and just to do the best you can.”

She found that support through the MS Support group that meets monthly in Mankato. Today Jen leads the group, with long time member Shirley Courrier.

Shirley says, “ MS effects the entire body, and often not just one part at a time. The support group helps with that, we share “Have you had a good month?” “Are your eyes bothering you?” "Your arms, your legs?" It’s very helpful.”

The MS Walk shows their strength, as they gain strength from each other.

Shirley says, “Just knowing that I have all these friends who know and can relate to anything I have because they have MS too.”

Jen Carlson and Shirley Courrier, KEYC Good People.