As many people packed up their cars, trucks and RV's to get out and enjoy the outdoors, the hot weather was on everyone's mind.

"It got up to about 100 or something," Camper, Liam Williamson, said.

"It's definitely hot. I mean, a lot of our family has had a lot of trouble falling asleep because how hot it was," Camper, Nolan Hanson, said.

Many of the campers resorted to water activities to get a break from the heat.

"My sister's doing a swim meet right now, so we did some swimming. She did a lot of swimming. We went to a swim place. We went to a lake and swam," Hanson said.

Minneopa wasn't at the capacity that it usually would be at on a weekend in July.

"We were probably only at fifty percent occupancy versus a normal weekend we would be probably about ninety eight percent occupancy so it was a huge impact for us," Assistant Park Manager, Todd Dailey, said.

And to make matters worse, the rain and humidity topped it off.

"Saturday morning in particular, we had almost three quarters inch rainfall and that combined with the humidity and some of the flooding tents, we did have to give back some refunds for the weekend for some of those people," Dailey said.

Even though the weather was pretty hot to handle, most campers did stay for the entirety of the weekend.

"The days when it was really hot, I always broke a sweat," Williamson said.

--KEYC News 12