KEYC - Training Camp With Pokémon GO

Training Camp With Pokémon GO

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Visit Mankato is embracing the Pokémon GO craze that's sweeping the nation.

Pokemon GO is a popular game that sends trainers all over trying to hunt down all of the Pokémon.

It's popularity is why Visit Mankato made a brochure showcasing all of the Pokémon hot spots across the city for all the trainers out there looking to do something while camp isn't in session.

Some of the more popular stops in town include MSU's campus as well as downtown Mankato.

"We jumped on the Pokémon GO wagon and are providing a tool, we have a brochure that we put together, and we are letting people know there are plenty around camp plenty of Pokémon they can capture around the campus area, and then sending them down to our city center area where a lot of businesses have caught on and put out their own specials, so we're listing those businesses as well," said Anna Thill, President of Visit Mankato. 

And the game can also open a door for tourists to discover other areas of the city.

"That's really kind of the hidden treasure behind Pokémon GO for us, because it brings people to tourism assets, or monuments within a community," said Thill. 

For those who might not be training any Pokémon to discover some of the more interesting places in Mankato, a couple of places you may want to see when training camp isn't in session include Ribfest coming up next week, or spending a day out at Sibley Park, and maybe checking out the bison at Minneopa Park is always another option.

--KEYC News 12