The competition is fierce here at South Central College, one of the many stops for the Vex Robotic summer camp, featuring mostly local teams, but also some Chinese students.

The game changes every year. This time, it's the Starstruck Challenge.
Andrew Dahlen, an organizer out of Northland Community and Technical College in Thief River Falls says, "The Starstruck Challenge is basically trying to get these stars and cubes from one field to the other side of the field - scoring points. But the main thing they're trying to take away from this is to try to get more young folks interested in engineering and teaching technology-based careers. If these students don't have the opportunity to explore these types of things at an early age, it's not likely they're going to develop an interest and pursue careers in engineering, in technology, and the thing is we need those people."

Assembling their robot, and programming it - the demand is there, both from future employers, and from interested students.

Dahlen says, "It's just exploded. Last year we had 175 VEX Robotics teams in the state. There are more robotics teams in Minnesota than hockey teams."

-- KEYC News 12.