If your children have been used to sleeping in this summer, it is time to start getting them back on a regular schedule. Experts agree, parents should start getting kids used to waking up for school 10 – 14 days before the first day.

 Dr. Katie Smentek of the Mankato Clinic says, “Research shows that poor sleep can cause depression, anxiety, obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Smentek says the best way to get them used to getting up earlier, is to get them to bed earlier.

 Dr. Smentek says, “The best thing you can do is bring the bedtime back slowly. So 15 – 20 minutes back toward the right bedtime over 10 to 14 days.”

To help with this, she suggests no screen time of any sort two hours before bed and create a calming environment,cool and dark, for sleeping. Most important, stick to the routine, even on the weekends.