In Springfield, where the Tigers host the Murray County Central Rebels.

Check out the quarterback here for Springfield,  Devin Johnson... staring down his receiver... but woop... no-look pass to  Kale Meendering across the middle. He chugs deep into Rebel territory before being tackled near the goal line.

Joe Pieschel will take it from there... finding the hole... breaks the one tackle he needs to break... touchdown. Tigers up 6-0.

Rebels strike back. It's a jet sweep to the far side of the field. That's  Ethan Swanson for Murray County Central. Down the sideline before he's finally taken down at the 15 yard line.

Rebels finish the drive when  Brady Kremer hits  Cole Bassett in the end zone.

Murray County Central goes on to defeat the Tigers. 27-14 the final.