The hills are alive with the sound.... of excited Gustie Greeters!
First year Gusties arrived at their new home this morning at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter.
Even Football players showed off their muscles, stepping away from the practice field to help unload vehicles as they rolled up to the residential halls.
Gustie Greeter Emma Myhre said, "College is arguably one of the hardest transitions that a student makes in their lifetime and we were talking before we came out here about what it was like for us when we were moving in and what we were thinking about the night before and we want to make sure that students feel they're Gusties right away because they are. They're a part of our community. They're a part of our home."
First-year student Leif Engen said, "Mainly it's just going to be a new adventure for me. Having something new in my life, but It'll be fun."
This entire weekend is filled with activities to help get first-year students acclimated before classes kick off next week.