Very poor field conditions in Waterville this evening, and it would take a toll on the quality of play. First play from scrimmage for the Knights...  Taylor Glende forces the fumble...  Dallas McBroom with the recovery.

WEM takes it down inside the five yard line, when  Brody Boran pushes his luck trying to reach out to cross the plane.. he's going to fumble at the goal line. The Knight's  Jake Roemhildt comes away with it. LCWM ball.

That next possession,  Mac Graupman rolling out on the QB keeper... Bucs pop it loose...  Tyson Voegele with the recovery.

It would be like that for the rest of the half. Bucs ball now,  McBroom tries to go to the air... picked off by  Kyle Jones.
27 yards for the Bucs in the first half. It would be scoreless at the end of regulation.

LCWM comes away with the upset... 7-6 in overtime.

-- KEYC News 12