A few local bankers free fall for fundraising.

The event took place at Mankato Regional Airport Wednesday afternoon.

US Bank employees held a fundraising competition with skydiving being the wager.

The one who raised the most funds was given a free pass on the jump.

The others geared up and flew to an elevation of ten–thousand feet.

The free fall lasted about 30 seconds before the skydivers floated back to the ground.

"It's events like this that really help us raise public awareness of what the Greater Mankato Area United Way is raising funds for," said Jolinda Grabianowski, "This event is super fun. We're excited that US Bank took it up a notch and held this event, we're hoping that it will spark other interests with other businesses with events that they're hosting to raise awareness for United Way."

This is the 30th year US Bank raised money for United Way.

--- KEYC News 12