Terry Brandt has been named the chair of administration for Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato.

Brandt will be working side–by–side with leadership teams, doctors, and health professionals across 6 different hospitals and 22 clinics across the region. Partnering with Regional Vice President James Hebl, M.D., Brant will provide organizational leadership and direction for clinical related operations. He has worked for the Mayo Clinic for the last 38 years, including the main campus in Rochester.

Dr. Hebl is equally excited about the new partnership, and is more than certain Brandt is the perfect fit for the role.

"I'm very excited to be working with Mr. Brandt in his new role, and partnering together as a physician and administrative team, to benefit the patients of our southwest Minnesota region. Our partnership will continue to foster the mission, the vision and the values of the Mayo Clinic, which are strong today. And we'll continue to advance those priorities," says Hebl.

With a background in finance, practice operations, and departmental administration, Brandt is looking forward to working for the Mankato, and southwest Minnesota, community.

"It's an exciting opportunity. Mankato is a vibrant city and the region has a lot to offer, and I'm looking forward to being a part of that. I'm a Minnesota native, so this is really quite an opportunity and I'm very fortunate, and I'm looking forward to it," says Brandt. 

He will be replacing Rich Grace who, after 40 years with MCHS, will be retiring at the end of the year.

---KEYC News 12