The Blue Earth County board met for a work session today to continue discussing the county's 2017 budget.
Today's meeting was the last opportunity for board members to discuss the budget before a preliminary tax levy is established next Tuesday. As of now, the proposed levy is 7.99% above last year's.

County Administrator Robert Meyers says that even with the increase, officials will still need to dip into county reserves to accommodate for recent budget impacts. Higher labor costs, health insurance, and mental health costs are just a few of the factors contributing to the increase.

Meyers says the increased levy will effect home owners whether they saw a rise in property values or not. "What that means to the average residential home owner, if their value has stayed the same it will probably be in the neighborhood of 30-40 dollars a year of increase. We have seen some increased values so that number could be a little higher if the value of the home has increased."

---KEYC News 12