Over in Montgomery, the 7th ranked TCU Titans host the Worthington Trojans, coming off their loss to Fairmont last week.

It was a mucky field, as one of this year's prep of the weeks...  Mason Rutt can attest on this play.

Travel back to Worthington's first play from scrimmage, Quarterback  Logan Huisman is picked off by  Zach Mikel. An underthrown ball and  Mikel will make him pay. Great blocking down field on the turnover... makes the cut.. and dives into the end zone for the first points on the board. 6-0 Titans.

First half would be chewed up mostly by TCU... next possession, a pitch to  Marty Kalina... gets some yards, but dragged down just shy of the first down marker.

Same drive, QB  Peyton Collins eyeing down his receiver  Evan Wood... makes the throw... the catch is inbounds, before he's knocked out, picking up the first.

But like the rest of the game, the Titan offense stalls, a screenplay on 4th down... gobbled up immediately by  Ben Ahlshlager and  Eli Gaul.

Worthington hands TCU their second loss in a row, winning 27-6.