KEYC - Cleveland Clips Fulda 42-6

Cleveland Clips Fulda 42-6

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In 9-man football, Fulda visits a red hot Cleveland team. The Clippers have outscored opponents 139 to nothing in the past two games.

Just before halftime, Clippers in the redzone, Carter Kopet gives it to Brandon Seitz on the sweep, runs to the outside, back up the middle and in for the easy touchdown. Clippers lead 42-0 at halftime.

Third quarter, Raiders QB Justin Dierks lofts one, Tight end Ben White comes down with it, tricky catch with the helmet. Raiders continue to drive into Clippers territory.

Then, Raiders go with another pass play, ball thrown into the endzone and the Clippers come down with the interception.

Another crushing victory for the 4th ranked Clippers, final score 42-6.

Kopet, the Clippers' junior quarterback, through his 100th career touchdown pass.