KEYC - Vice Presidential Debate Focuses On The Top Of The Tickets

Vice Presidential Debate Focuses On The Top Of The Tickets

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In what is the only time the vice–presidential candidates will have a chance to go head to head, the debate last night was a bit more exciting than expected.

The running–mates for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were front and center last night in a debate with more fireworks than expected.

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence may not receive much attention during the campaign, but last night was all about them... to an extent.

Gustavus Adolphus College Political Science Professor Kate Knutson said, "Show why they are the right choice to be a heartbeat away from the presidency and I also think it gives them a chance to do some things for the top of the ticket that those people can't do for themselves."

Gustavus Political Science Professor Kate Knutson says Kaine needed to carry out the attacks Clinton couldn't get away with and Pence needed to be calm and look presidential.

Kaine and Pence also answered questions about foreign and domestic policy, defending the top of the ticket and their faith.

Knutson adds one of the most interesting parts was when the vice presidential nominees answered the last question in the debate.

Knutson said, "The ways in which their personal faith had impacted their political decisions and I thought both candidates were able to give some specific examples of that and talk really thoughtfully about the ways their faith impacted their policy decisions."

But the debate is not likely to have much impact on the overall election.

Knutson said, "I don't know that it does anything but reinforce the beliefs and the preferences that people already had."

The focus now turns to the second presidential debate, a town hall meeting with some questions posed by the audience.

Knutson said, "Clinton will benefit from the opportunity to humanize herself and to interact with people a little bit more. It's kinds of a wild card as to how Trump is going to react because we don't see him in these kinds of situations and he hasn't had a lot of experience in these kinds of situations.

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