The newly ranked Waseca Bluejays head to New Ulm to take on the Eagles, with an eerie purple sky in the background.

New Ulm stymied early, as QB  Alex Portner is sacked by  Justin Dahnert. The big man causing havoc in the backfield.

Waseca takes over after the punt, and they go to the air.  Trystin Kinkade... heaves it to  Adam Kahnke... the catch, and into the red zone... and that late hit is going to put them at the ten.

The Bluejays'  Jack Milbrett has been having an incredible season, and he'll cap off the drive on the sweep right. No contest. Touchdown Bluejays.

Next Waseca drive... to  Milbrett... through the hole... cuts it back... picks up the first down.

Switch sides at the quarter... same drive... hand off to  Milbrett... little brother  Beau blocking in front of him... he gets the edge... 34 yard score. Waseca takes a 12-0 lead. 200 yards and 4 touchdowns for Milbrett.

Bluejays make it four in a row. They get the 26-0 win over New Ulm.