KEYC - WEM Tops Humboldt 47-14

WEM Tops Humboldt 47-14

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To the Waterville - Elysian - Morristown homecoming game. The Bucs were in danger of missing out on homecoming altogether after the GFW squad was suspended two games for violating the school's hazing policy.

Luckily, the Hawks from St. Paul Humboldt were able to step in though. Humboldt is only playing JV this year, hoping to keep their already small team from getting discouraged by teams with more upper classmen.

The Bucs's starters built up a 31-0 halftime lead, so the backups came in.

And after playing hard through the tough times, they were able to shine in the second half.

Darnell King takes the counter hand off... to the outside... Touchdown!!! Their first varsity score of the year.

Still, the Bucs get to celebrate a win on homecoming.

They defeat St. Paul Humboldt 47-14.