KEYC - Windom Native Wins Mankato Marathon

Windom Native Wins Mankato Marathon

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Windom native Jeff Stuckenbroker beat out 358 other runners, taking home first place in the men's division of the Mankato Marathon.

Stuckenbroker notched a time of 2:41:06 in the first full marathon of his life. Jeff is preparing for the Fargo Marathon in May, but decided to compete in the town where he ran college track for the Mavericks.

"It's kind of like my home", says Stuckenbroker. "I ran college here, so I figured I'd debut here. I like the area, I know the trails. I ran the half here in 2010... My calves are just tight as heck right now and I was dizzy starting at mile 22, so I started walking, started collecting myself... did like a fartlek after that basically."

On the women's side, Lisa Tavares took home first place in 3:06:30. The Colfax, Wisconsin native said afterwards that the race was, "A little more challenging than I was hoping... got a little warm there at the end. But it was fair, it was pretty... appreciate some of the company I had out there too, that I met up with along the way."