There's still a little time left for Americans to prepare themselves for Election Day, but many students are getting a head start.

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial School is holding a district-wide mock election, helping students learn about the democratic process.

Even though these students are too young to make their voice heard for the General Election...

That hasn't stopped them from voting for the candidate they'd like to see run the United States.

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Secondary School Social Studies teacher Raymond Byrozo said, "They're definitely a lot more aware than I would have been at their age about what's going on. I would have just been annoyed by all the commercials that were just interrupting my favorite TV shows, let alone knowing what those commercials are all about."

K thought 12 graders are checking the box for president, U.S. House, Minnesota House and Senate and the statewide referendum.

It's giving them the experience so they know what to do when they turn voting age.

Byrozo said,"When they enter a real polling place for the first time, everything that they're seeing or experiencing is not completely foreign to them."

And in the lead up to this mock election, students were taking a look at the facts, issues and where the candidates stand and that the electoral process is more than just casting a ballot.

Ninth grader Zach Schmidt said, "Just the fact that it has to go through so many different people to actually count to who actually gets elected president."

Byrozo said, "Think about how their vote could impact things, it could impact things. It could make things better or unfortunately through the voting process, make things worse."

After the ballots are cast, civics students tallying the votes that lead to a continued lessons about the meaning of the results.

Ninth grader Paige Bergemann said, "It's funny to see how their points of views are and to know what different people think without knowing the people."

The results will be submitted to Minnesota Secretary of State's mock election and along with other organizations holding them across the country.

District-wide, Hillary Clinton received 41 percent, Donald Trump 39 percent and 20 percent voting for other candidates.


--KEYC News 12