Judy Bloedow remembers her son Sam taking computers apart and putting them back together again at a very young age.  

At age 21, Sam Bloedow took that passion, combined it with his entrepreneurial tendencies and started Thriveon in 2002.

Sam says,  “I could see the need for IT support and services for small and medium size businesses.”

Thriveon has grown to three locations in the state and has 20 full-time employees, including members of the Bloedow family, who say they are not done yet.

Sam says, “We plan to grow at a rate of 30% year over year, while at the same time providing small business feel, relationships oriented.”

It’s those relationships that will keep the Thriveon headquarters in New Ulm, where the company feels connected to the community.

Sam says,  “We provide career opportunities for our employees, where they are able to reach their potential and are able to stay living where they want.”

A lot has changed in his industry since 2002, but Bloedow tells other entrepreneurs to just take it one day at a time.

He says, “Enjoy the journey, take it one step at a time. Your Vision is always going to be quite a bit ahead of where you are in the organization. So take time to enjoy where you are now as you grow, otherwise you get frustrated with not being where you feel you should be at.”