KEYC - Homelessness Still An Issue In Mankato

Homelessness Still An Issue In Mankato

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It's National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week. The Partners for Affordable Housing is hosting another campaign to remind the community that homelessness is still an issue right here in Mankato. This year their focus is on the idea "Don't Just Look Away." The campaign wants people to really look at what is happening in the community and how you can reach out to help. Partners for Affordable Housing tells us about 40–percent of all shelter guests are children under the age of 18, and every night they're still having to turn people away due to a lack of beds.

"It's a very important campaign. We've had over 300 people reach out to us within the past few months that need emergency shelter and we have recently been able to increase the number of beds that we serve between our two houses but it's still not enough," Liz Zaruba, a Partner for Affordable Housing member said. 

This year, Minnesota's "Give to the Max Day" is on Thursday. If you donate to Partners for Affordable Housing on that day, they'll have a chance of receiving an additional 1–thousand dollars from Give–MN–Dot –Org. To give to the Partners for Affordable Housing, click here.