A lot of outside preparation is needed to create classroom material that keeps children engaged in your lessons.

"She prepares so hard and cares deeply about each and every one of her students and that's really what we're looking for in all of our teachers and Emily brings that to the table each and every day," Loyola Catholic School Principal, Adam Bemmels said.

From using her smart board to doing group work activities, Mrs. Mack has a great knack for keeping kids involved.

"I always like to find new ways to help the students. Every child learns differently and to meet those needs to make them feel successful is my overall goal," Loyola Catholic School Third Grade Teacher, Emily Mack said.

A preparation that goes beyond the normal work schedule.

"I spend many hours on the computer, interest is always a great thing to find new ways to teach the students whether its videos or songs; new ways of doing it different from when I was in school," Mack said.

Her dedication and passion for teaching goes beyond just giving them an education.

"Helping them to feel loved and cared for here and that they come in every day and leave with something new," Mack said.

That personal level of care and compassion earning her the Golden Apple Award.

"I've only been teaching for about four years. I love it, I come every day excited to do this job so to be awarded something is a great honor," Mack said.

--KEYC News 12