DFL State lawmakers hosted a town hall meeting to hear what issues local citizens are concerned about before the upcoming legislative session.
Rep. Jack Considine, Rep. Clark Johnson and Senator-Elect Nick Frentz met with more than two dozen constituents in the Mankato City Hall.

Plans for healthcare dominated the conversation between lawmakers and citizens.
"We're going to need to learn to get Bipartisan support so we can go forward. We can't have two more years of not getting things done," said Considine.
Lawmakers say at this point, they are waiting to hear the Republican proposal for healthcare reform.
"There's a question of a special session. The governor and legislative leaders are discussing a special session, obviously that has to happen in the next 3 weeks. I don't know if that's going to come to pass," said Frentz.
If there is a special session agreement in the coming weeks, Senator Sheran would attend on behalf of District 19.

Other topics discussed included transportation, education and budgeting.

--KEYC News 12