Fairmont's new Police Chief officially took office Thursday.
After 21 years of full-time law enforcement experience, Michael Hunter has reached his career goal.
"Right now I'm responsible for all general operations of the Fairmont Police Department as of 8 a.m. on December 8," said Fairmont Police Chief Michael Hunter.
Hunter rose to the top of a field of 31 applicants from 11 different states.
"Chief Hunter we believed not only had the credentials, but fit the culture of our police department. He had inside knowledge of our police department and we felt that he had some proven leadership with our department and that would make for a much smoother transition for him and our community," said Fairmont City Manager Michael Humpal.
Hunter has been serving with the Fairmont Police Department for 18 years. In that time, he has gotten to know the community and create friendships, which Hunter says he will continue to keep a priority even as he switches over his badge.
"We have a great group of officers and a great community. We have a lot of support here from our community and that's something that we've earned and that we need to continue to keep earning. I'm going to take those opportunities to get out in the squad car and serve the community," said Hunter.
On top of that, Hunter will begin to focus on administrative responsibilities, including hiring two new officers and obtaining new equipment.
"We have a body camera program that we are looking at implementing here in 2017. After the first of the year we'll be developing policy on that," said Hunter.
Former Fairmont Police Chief Greg Brolsma retired on October 31 after being with the city for 30 years.
"Chief Brolsma was actually one of our sergeants when I first started working here as a patrol officer. I spent about 18 and a half years working with him," said Hunter.
Now, Hunter is ready to fill his shoes. "I know I have a lot of work to do both personally and professionally, but I'm looking forward to those challenges," said Hunter.
--KEYC News 12.