With hockey season well underway there are many things to consider safety-wise before hitting the ice. KEYC News 12's Lisa Cownie looks into ways you can protect yourself on the ice.

Lisa: "As many of you know, I'm an avid hockey fan so I'm sure happy we're in the middle of hockey season and joining me today is Matt Tyree who works in the hockey department at Scheels. Matt, one of the neat things about hockey is that people can do all types of things while skating." Matt: "It's a great conditioning sport. It uses a lot of different muscles rather than running or walking so [during the winter] it is a great exercise for people to go out and do."

Lisa: "One concern with hockey is to make sure that you are equipped so that you are safe. What are some things people should keep in mind?" Matt: "Obviously getting a nice skate that is nice and sturdy, a stable skate is good, always wearing a helmet ... I recommend wearing a helmet on the ice at all times just in case you do get that one fall ... you never know what can happen, [as well as] elbow pads and knee pads in case you do fall it won't hurt as bad."

Lisa: "There are so many options [for equipment] so it's probably good to consult with someone on the proper fit for these things?" Matt: "Yeah, if you're going to come in and look at our stuff we have a lot of good guys here that know their hockey equipment and we can get you fitted."

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