Vikings are set to return to Mankato in 2017 for their training camp according to Rick Straka, the Vice President of Finance and Administration. The team would have had to notify Minnesota State University, Mankato at the end of December if they were planning on moving training camp to a different location. Since the university has not received any notice of other plans, MSU is expecting the training camp to remain here. This will be the 52nd year the team will hold training camp on MSU's campus. To put that in perspective, the university will turn 150 years old next year—which means the partnership with the Minnesota Vikings will have spanned about a third of the life of the university.

"So we're looking forward to this summer's training camp. 2017 again will be the 52nd training camp in a row, in Mankato. And we're very excited about having the Vikings here, our partnership, and what the training camp means to the community," Rick Straka said. 

Their tenure in Mankato is the second longest in the league. Training camp is also beneficial for the Mankato economy, boosting it nearly $5 million.