The MSU Clinical Sciences Building has been a work in progress since 1998 when the pre–design phase began.

"We've been on bonding bills for legislative approval three times before we were finally funded four years ago to proceed with this pre design and design phase," Allied Health And Nursing Dean, Kris Retherford said.

Now after more than 15 years of planning, the MSU Clinical Sciences building opens Monday for not only allied health and nursing students, but community members interested in having dental services performed.

"We're all incredibly excited. Students are going to be just be wowed by the classrooms we've really given great thought to the way students learn," Retherford said.

Bringing in new technology allowing students to be actively engaged in the learning process.

"Providing the ability to practice before they get in those environments with real patients so we're able to give them that experience in a supervised controlled environment where they can succeed or fail, that way when they go in with live patients they have more knowledge and experience," Allied Health And Nursing Director Of Technology, Paul Cusick said.

Provided with mannequins that can basically do just about anything a real person can do all controlled by a computer.

"This mannequin can bleed, breath, sweat, cry. We can cause them to crash, a heart attack, any of those things, blood pressure to rise and we can ask the nurses then to respond to those types of things in different scenarios," Cusick said.

Now that the building has neared completion, phase two for the project is next, which includes renovating the vacant spaces by the move to this building.

The funding for that portion of the project was included in Gov. Mark Dayton's bonding bill proposal earlier this week...and MSU is crossing their fingers for further approval by legislators.

"We're eager, highly anticipating that this special funding will be approved and will be available to us in the very near future," Retherford said.

An open house for the community to come check out the building will be April 22.

--KEYC News 12