KEYC - Hometown Business Connection: Brennan Companies

Hometown Business Connection: Brennan Companies

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This week we highlight a local business that has truly been building up our community for more than 22 years. In partnership with Connect Business Magazine, KEYC News 12s Lisa Cownie introduces us to Brennan Companies. 

They could boast a quality portfolio of buildings, thriving relationships and key partnerships in the community, all things Mike and Cathy Brennan built from the ground up. Cathy says, "I was never worried. I had confidence in Mike's abilities." The two were just starting their careers and their family when their entrepreneurial tendencies took hold. Mike had been working for a large Midwest developer and Cathy had public accounting experience. They decided to become not only partners in life, but in business. Mike says, "We thought, why not try this? What's the worst that could happen? Well, the worst that could happen is that it wouldn't work."

But it did work, starting out as Brennan Construction in 1994, a development company, Brennan Properties was added in 2000. Cathy says, "You have to be a visionary, as Mike is, looking down the road as to what is best for the community. I'm the detail person, crunch the numbers, figure it out from that standpoint."

And the Brennans have been a good thing for our community, volunteering their time to serve on numerous boards, they encourage their dozen employees to be engaged in the community as well. Cathy says, "In Mankato everyone can get involved in all kinds of things, no matter who you are, your income level, you can get involved on boards, community groups and really make a difference. There's lots of opportunity here for everyone to make a difference."

The Brennans say 2016 was a very good year and as they continue to develop Bridge Plaza in Mankato, they are already looking forward to a good 2017 in a place they know is very special. Cathy says, "In Mankato you get to be with all kinds of different people, which adds to our perspective, adds to our quality of life, and makes us all better people."

For Hometown Business Connection, I'm Lisa Cownie.