The Family operates Schell's Brewery and KEYC News 12, along with Connect Business Magazine highlights them tonight in our Hometown Business Connection.

Ted Marti, President of Schell's Brewing Company says, "This is an old workers photo ... there's August and Otto Schell." Schell's Brewery has a long and storied history. It's been a part of the New Ulm Community since 1860. Ted says, "There's always been these bumps in the road, some economic, some things like war that we have always been able to survive and flourish coming out of."

And now the family-run business faces a new challenge. Kyle Marti, Vice President of Operations says, "The last five years have been exciting, the industry itself has just taken off." Increased competition is something the Martis are ready for. Ted says, "We're really excited about the future, a lot of competition only makes you stronger, we'll deal with it and rise above it."

They are making upgrades to equipment and trying new innovations in brewing. Kyle says, "We have a lot of new stuff coming out like our beer series. My brother went to Berlin to study brewing over there and fell in love with the style so he came back and brought that to our brewery. We refurbished some old tanks and built a new brewery on the other side of town." Kyle says, "There is an insatiable thirst the consumer has and that's our charge to fill that void."

Another charge for Schell's? Giving back to the community that has been its home for more than 150 years. Ted says, "Just our presence here is a big part of it, the park is open and is the most visited site in New Ulm. We hold festivals to draw people in and we bring a lot of attention to New Ulm." The Martis say the brewery gets about 50-thousand visitors a year.