KEYC - Gov. Dayton Seeks $45.8 Billion In Spending For Two Year Budget

Gov. Dayton Seeks $45.8 Billion In Spending With Two Year Budget Proposal

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ST. PAUL, Minn. -

As the governor deals with his health issues, the business of the state goes on...

As promised, the Governor laid out where he would like to see state's revenue go.

After Governor Mark Dayton fainted last night while delivering his state of the state address, his health was the focus of his news conference as he looks to lay out his budget.

Gov. Dayton said, "I don't have the stability I had 10–20 years ago I wish I had today and that's just the reality, and the limp proceeded any of those issues again related to this stenosis of the spine."

But Dayton did use this morning as a chance to finish his speech from last night and explain his budget proposal for the next two years.

Of the expected almost $48 billion in state revenue, Dayton is proposing $45.8 billion in spending.

Under his recommendations, 41 percent would go to K–12 education and includes $75 million to expand voluntary pre–K next year.

Also, about 30 percent will fund health and human services.

Dayton's budget includes a 25 percent health insurance premium subsidy for those on the MnSURE exchange, totaling more than $300 million.

The governor is also seeking major investments in roads and bridges.

Rep. Jack Considine (DFL-Mankato) said, "There talking about an $18 billion deficit now [over the next two decades] for transportation. I believe the governor's proposal calls for some new revenues in there but that they average out to about $3.50 per week per family."

Dayton is also seeking about $300 million in tax cuts for 450 thousand middle class families.

Republicans say while it good to hear tax cuts coming from the governor, they'll have some different priorities.

Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) said, "The GOP will concentrate on a couple of things, it's a business property tax reduction and the other one is a reduction the amount that farmers pay for schools in a referendum. Some help there that was in last year's tax bills."

The governor's proposal is expected to clash with what the GOP will offer.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt says they'll press for lower spending and more tax cuts.

The upcoming budget year runs from July 2017 through June 2019.

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