Need another reason to stick with that weight management resolution you made? KEYC News 12s Lisa Cownie says giving your joints a break is a good reason to shed some pounds. She has more in tonight's Thrive report.

Research shows that obesity and joints wearing out, go hand in hand. Dr. Jesse Botker says, "Every step we take your body weight is anywhere between 4 times and 6 times your body weight and that's just walking. That's the force across your hips, knees and ankles." That force contributes to arthritis, but Dr. Botker says the good news is that every pound you lose provides relief. Dr. Botker says, "if you do the math, losing 20 pounds is like taking 100 or 120 pounds off your joints, so long term it really adds up and significantly reduces pain from arthritis."

Dr. Botker says to see your doctor if you have persistent pain in your joints, problems with swelling and if that pain and swelling is limiting your activities. Dr. Botker says, " Arthritis is a progressive process, once you develop it, we are now managing it. Once you develop it there's no turning back the clock. Weight loss plays an important role in managing arthritis."