MSU announces it will move its Division of Strategic Partnerships to the Hubbard Building location on Riverfront Drive in February.
The university said it was able to make the move because of a free rent donation from Curt and Debbie Fisher

Minnesota State University - Mankato will be the first tenant in the old Hubbard Building, left vacant when Ridley Incorporated moved their offices to the downtown Tailwind Development.

The Strategic Partnerships division includes the Center for Talent Development and the Small Business Development Center, as well as the university's new Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
"Hubbard building will be a gateway downtown, old town - a gateway to this very elaborate and large higher education university. Bring higher education back downtown and help businesses grow. It should be a an economic driver and a catalyst for the community," MSU Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Michael Gustafson said.

With everything in place, MSU will have a quick renovation and move in, about ten staffers, including the V.P.
Instead of entrepreneurs coming to MSU, not MSU will go to them, setting up show in the middle of town.

"The small business development center will be down there and they have about 400 clients that come in and get business advice, and consulting and access to capital - we hood them up with banks and good business plans," Gustafson said.

And by plopping themselves down in Old Town, it's symbolic of revitalization along Riverfront Drive.

-- KEYC News 12.