KEYC - Mankato Fighting For Super Bowl LII's Fans

Mankato Fighting For Super Bowl LII's Fans

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Super Bowl LI is over, and now the preparation for the next big game can start.

Super Bowl LII is coming to U.S. Bank Stadium in the Twin Cities next February and Mankato is hoping to get in on the action.

The clock is ticking to when Minnesota will host the next Super Bowl, and Mankato is hoping to lure some of those Super Bowl visitors down to the southern part of the state.

“As people are looking at where they want to stay, and what they want to do in conjunction with the Super Bowl, people are kind of snooping around to see what some of the smaller destinations have to offer,” said Anna Thill, President of Visit Mankato.

During Super Bowl LI, 1 million people were expected to attend some component of the Super Bowl experience over a 10 day period in Houston, Texas, and it's hoped that Minnesota will have even more people.

“We know people will be staying here, so we want to make sure that we have fun offerings for them,” added Thill.

The Mankato Super Bowl Committee will be looking at ways to keep people entertained in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. One of those ways is to look at things that are already happening around the area. Minnesota State University Mankato already has the Big Bobber Ice Fishing competition that naturally happens during Super Bowl weekend.

“People will be coming from all over the country. Some have never stepped foot on ice, let alone drive on it, or fish through the ice, right? So that's a really Minnesotan, homegrown experience that we could offer visitors,” said Thill.

It is hope that a solid plan will in place in time for Vikings Training Camp this summer.

“That's going to be a great opportunity to let people know that there something going on in Mankato during the Super Bowl... hopefully we’ll be watching the Vikings play,” said Thill.

Super Bowl LII will be played at US Bank Stadium February 4, 2018.