The recipient of this week's Golden Apple award has a song in her heart and she loves to share that gift of music with all for her students.

Music can be a powerful tool for inspiration, learning, and joy. Music is something that we take with us, no matter where we are, and that’s something Sheryl Williams has tried to teach to every one of her students.

“Music can carry with you all of your life,” said Sheryl Williams of Trinity Lutheran Church & School. “You don't have to be an athlete, you can always hum a tune, or whistle a tune.”

When she's not tickling the ivories in the church sanctuary, she can be found in the classroom. Teaching third–graders a variety of subjects, like music, history and more.

“Sheryl has not only taught here for 28 years, but she went to this school as a student also,” said Principal Wade Stockman.  “She has had Trinity Lutheran in her ever since she was little. It's a joy to have her as a teacher here and a former student. She just carries on the tradition of our school and the family atmosphere that we have.”

Sheryl ‘s involvement goes far beyond education. She’s not only teaching children life lessons, she's also inspiring them in music and in faith.

“As a teacher, you think that you don't deserve an award because every teacher is just as good as you are,” added Williams.  “To be nominated for this award and to receive it, deep down inside my first thought was ‘thank you God, thank you kids, thank you parents’, because I try to make students want to come to school and learn. I do like to make school fun and funny, and when I know kids like to come to school because I'm funny and fun, they learn better.”

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