KEYC - Four Generation Band Performs At American Legion

Four Generation Band Performs At American Legion

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It's a sound that's resonated throughout dance halls for nearly six decades.

"My dad started it in the early 1960's and I took over about my sophomore year of college in about 1971 and I've been running it ever since," said Jolly Ramblers Manager Chuck Thiel.

The Jolly Ramblers are a Minnesota bred family band, dating four generations back.

"Jason joined the band when he was 8 years old and he's now 35. We've got two little grandsons, who are 8 and 6, almost 7. Jacob's been playing drums with us," said Chuck.

Sharing their love of music from one generation to the next.

"The fact I started with my dad, it was a very special bond. Now, Jason and I have that bond and now we have it with the grand kids," said Chuck.

The family added a new drummer to their set list this weekend. "Jacob's been playing drums for the last couple of years with us. Noah, who's about to be 7 played his first public appearance yesterday. I had no idea it was coming, it was a surprise," said Chuck.

But the family tradition won't end there.

"I've got a 4 year old at home, too. I asked him yesterday if he wanted to play drums and he said yes. I would be willing to bet it won't be long until you'll see him onstage with us too," said Jason Thiel on the keyboard.

The band plays a variety of old–time music, mostly polka, offering a unique sound to generations, both young and old.

"My personal favorite is melody of love and Ain't She Sweet is pretty good," said Jacob Thiel on the drums.

If you missed the band perform today, they'll be back at the American Legion in Eagle Lake on March 12 from 1–4pm.

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