KEYC - Jolly Green Giant Makes Comeback

Jolly Green Giant Makes Comeback

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Many of us will remember the familiar tune of the Jolly Green Giant.

But after being bought out by B and G, the Green Giant Company is coming back to life through a new nationwide campaign.

A jingle familiar to many households in Southern Minnesota.

As kids and parents sat down to dinner eating their fill of vegetables grown mostly in Minnesota in places like Le Sueur and Blue Earth.

Founded back in 1903, the Minnesota Valley Canning Company has had an impact beyond the dinner table.

Cindy Lyon says, "Lots of jobs here in Blue Earth."

But as years went on, the Green Giant jingle and mascot have faded, as the company merged with Pillsbury in 1979 and then was acquired by General Mills in 2001. The plant in Blue Earth was bought out by B and G.

Fast–forward to 2017

Lyon says, "With this teaser, as you know, B and G bought out the Giant and they wanted to revive the old way and to bring the icon back."

Bringing back the old time jingle and nostalgia.

Lyon says, "Right here in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant."

"He's everyone."

And now another generation will get their veggies right here in the valley.

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