Mankato is looking to open up its grant process to other non-profit organizations and finding a use for the old CCTV building.
In the time Mankato has had access to community block grant funding, it's gone mostly to a few select organizations, especially VINE.

Last year, a group called Tapestry was added to the list, and from there, the city decided to open up the process to everyone, rather than just handing out what they had.
"The same organizations will still apply, it's just that we have a more formalized process for reviewing the applications. There may be other organizations in the community that will offer services that would meet some for the goals in our CDBG action plan," Mankato director of community development Paul Vogel said.

Most of tonight's EDA meeting was dedicated to discussion of the old CCTV building.

Key City Bike, is in the process becoming a full-fledged nonprofit organization, but has already been in operation for over a decade, that aiming to educate and even provide bicycles, as well as keep old bikes out of the trash.
"Seeing kids get bikes that many couldn't get one. See adults and college students use them for transportation," Key City Bike executive director Acacia Wytaske said.

The EDA gave the go ahead for the city to enter into negotiations with the group, which will be addressed at later meeting.

-- KEYC News 12.