KEYC - Man Faces Felony For Cashing $5 Lottery Ticket

Man Faces Felony For Cashing $5 Lottery Ticket

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File this under strange crime.

A St. James man is facing a felony charge for claiming a $5 lottery ticket.

According to a criminal complaint, 37–year–old Jeffery Saari allegedly stole items at a home in Lamberton.

A Police Officer spoke to the victim who reported that things were stolen from his vehicle, including a lottery ticket.

He knew it was a $5 winner and that the number on the ticket was 002.

The officer then contacted the Minnesota State Lottery to see if it was cashed.

The lottery said it was cashed with the Hilltop Quick Mart in Mankato.

Quick Mart was then able to identify the alleged suspect as Jeffery Saari by contacting his mother since she worked in Mankato.

She said he was staying with someone who was living close to Lamberton.

He is scheduled to appear in court on March 9.

He faces one felony count of State Lottery Fraud.

The maximum sentence is five years in prison with up to a $25,000 fine.

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