KEYC - Ag Symposium Explores The Future Of Agriculture

Ag Symposium Explores The Future Of Agriculture

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Economists and Ag experts join with producers and students to look at the future of agriculture.

In the years ahead, the agriculture industry is expected to be in store for more changes, and this year's South Central College Ag Symposium is addressing some of what's on the horizon.

SCC Dean of Ag Brad Schloesser "Sharing what the upcoming Farm Bill structure will look like, reference to policy, a good sense of food and where consumers source that food."

But this ninth annual event isn't just taking a look at Ag policy and the Ag economy, as the estimated 400 people in attendance hear from a Good Thunder native about his journey to the top of the world and across the planet and how growing up on the farm plays into that journey.

Explorer Aaron Doering said, "Everyone thinks, oh my gosh if you're going to go to the arctic, you have to be the strong person in the world, but it's all about teamwork, it's about using your mind, it's about communication. It's all these things that I've learned growing up on the farm."

Aaron Doering started his trips as a way to connect kids with the issues and cultures in some of most remote places in the world, from the arctic to African desert through an online learning experience.

He's preparing for another trip, this one across Iceland to begin in about ten days and is working on a project to connect K–12 school students with Ag.

Doering said, "Traveling over the next for years, on eight expeditions to bring attention to agriculture and how students can see themselves in this field agriculture that is so exciting."

And like the purpose of the expeditions, organizers say the Ag Symposium is giving SCC students a chance to see what changes are in store for agriculture and how to manage them.

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