KEYC - Hope And Faith Floral Blooming During Valentines Day

Hope And Faith Floral Blooming During Valentines Day

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Madelia, MN -

The Hope and Faith floral shop in Madelia burned down more than a year ago, and has had to be in temporary spaces since. Last February... a fire destroyed Hope and Faith Floral just days before the most important day of the year.
"Valentine's Day is flower day! And chocolates," Jennifer Kjelshus, head florist said. 
After the fire last February 3rd, they weren't even sure how they were going to get Valentine's Day orders out.
But this year, with the help and support of the community, they're closer to being in their new space.
 "That's been the spirit of this entire thing, is that right when you think you can't, you can," Ryan Visher, owner of Hope and Faith Floral said. 
Moving forward from the fire hasn't been the easiest thing... but they say it's worth it if it puts smiles on people's faces it for the special day.
"The big special, the one that goes with the balloon, the teddy bear, the chocolates, your Valentiney ones are fun," Kjelshus said. But the shop running on hope and faith is still showing how they're rising from the ashes, thanks to their community.
"But we have folks who called us last week and said, 'hey we can deliver for ya if you'd like,' and we're talking them up on the offer," Visher said.
Ryan says it's still too hard to commemorate the anniversary of the fire, but he is very excited that they should be able to open the doors to their new space in about 60 days. Just in time for their second biggest holiday: Mothers Day.
"You know, if there is a silver lining to this fire is that you can start over and do something exactly as you want it," Visher said. 
Ryan says he has guarded optimism, and knows there's still a lot of hurdles to overcome, but he thanks his staff the most for sticking with him, through the thick and thorns. And they can continue to do what they do best-make someone's day a bit more beautiful.
"Just like everybody is unique, every arrangement is unique," Kjelshus said.