KEYC - Winter Relief Drives People Outdoors

Winter Relief Drives People Outdoors

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For a Tuesday afternoon, Mt. Kato was buzzing with activity.

Who could blame them on such a beautiful day.

That's the paradox of winter sports. We still want to enjoy them under normal conditions, even if it takes arctic-like conditions to create them.
"Perfect conditions are going to be different for different people. I myself, I love spring skiing; not needing all that clothing. I'll ski in anything. 20 below. But if it's going to be 40... A 40 degree day is going to pull out more people than 20 below. If there's an excuse to be outside, people are definitely going to take that," Mt. Kato's John Sandberg said.
Of course, it isn't exactly spring yet, even if the weather suggests otherwise.

Mt. Kato may need another jolt of the cold to keep things going in the usual fashion.
"You never know what the weather is going to do. We'd like to seen into March definitely. It's going to be warmer than normal, but there's always the chance for more snow and cold weather to extend the season a little bit more," Sandberg said.
Just not too cold.

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