With temperatures unseasonably warm, MnDOT announces spring truck weight restrictions for the south, southeast and metro parts of Minnesota will begin Friday.
According to MnDOT records dating back 30 years, this is a new record date for the earliest weight restrictions have been implemented.
The purpose for these weight restrictions is to keep our roads lasting longer.
"Spring time when the thaw frost is coming out you've got thawed material below the pavement but also still above the frozen material and that material is very soft and a soft wet material it will move around a lot more and it doesn't give as much support to the road and not as much support to the pavement," District Materials Engineer, Charlie Kremer said.
MnDOT intends the weight restriction to last no longer than 8 months.

For more information on road restriction routes and state highways open to maximum 10-ton axle weights visit www.mndot.gov/loadlimits.