KEYC - North Mankato Man Charged in Hit and Run

North Mankato Man Charged in Hit and Run

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51–year–old Michael John Muellerleile turned himself into police after striking a pedestrian and fleeing the scene back in January.

The accident happened at the intersection of North Second and Washington Streets.

He is facing charges of felony leaving the scene of personal injury accident a felony and having no insurance.

The victim, 62–year–old Todd Bauman of Mankato was airlifted to Rochester where he was in serious condition.

According to the criminal complaint, Two people stepped out in front of Muellerleile. Muellerleile believed they stepped out from between some cars when this happened. Muellerleile slowed and yelled at them through his closed windows. Muellerleile continued driving; and suddenly a third male appeared, and Muellerleile hit the male with the right side of his truck. 

Muellerleile panicked because Muellerleile did not have insurance. Muellerleile slowed down but kept driving. Muellerleile looked in the mirror and thought he saw the male he hit still standing in the street with his arms up, but Muellerleile said the male could have still been spinning from the impact. 

Muellerleile returned home and parked his truck. 

The next morning, Muellerleile looked at the front of his truck and saw significant damage. 

Muellerleile also heard the news of the accident. Muellerleile did not come forward immediately due to some work issues and not wanting to leave his 3 current employer without an employee to train in a new person, according to the criminal complaint.

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