KEYC - New Ulm Prepares For MN 15 Construction

New Ulm Prepares For MN 15 Construction

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A ten mile stretch of Minnesota Highway 15, including a large chunk of Broadway through New Ulm, is on track for a busy construction season this summer.
The Highway 15 reconstruction, from just south of Searles up to 7th Street will begin in May with tree cutting, before moving on to mill and overlay and bridgework as well.

The detour will only be used during the six weeks the bridges are being worked on - using Center Street heading south, which turns into County Road 13, then hopping on County Road 24 to take you back to Highway 15.

While they know what they need to do, they're not sure exactly when each step of the process will take place.
"The biggest challenges are going to be the detour. We have two bridges that are going to be closed for six weeks during the project. We also have three signal replacements and our detours will have to tie together. We don't know when we're going to start the bridgework or the mill and overlay work, but once we get the contractor on board sometime in April, we'll have a schedule nailed down that we'll share with everyone," MnDOT Project Manager Forrest Handy said.
Highway 15 North of New Ulm is on the radar too, though that project is much more up in the air at this point. Talks of replacing the bridge over Minnesota, and creating an interchange for a hypothetical four-lane highway 14, still has a lot of unknowns that need to be worked out.

But the ten miles to the south should be completed by October.

-- KEYC News 12.