KEYC - Mankato's Sales Tax Revenue Down $300,000 From 2015

Mankato's Sales Tax Revenue Down $300,000 From 2015

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Mankato took in $300,000 less in local sales tax revenue than they did in 2015, though city leaders attribute it to higher than expected numbers in the previous year.
The $5.1 million collected in 2016 is lower than the $5.4 million in 2015, though it's still higher than all previous years, and is well within range of what the city had budgeted for.
"We had a banner year of construction in 2015, so what we've done is equalized those historical years that we've had.
The decrease in tax revenue is being seen throughout the state.

Mankatos' City vehicle and food and beverage tax revenue are also down from last year.

-- KEYC News 12