KEYC - South Central College Signs Academic Recruits

South Central College Signs Academic Recruits

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It's a page taken from athletics. Thursday, 70 high school seniors from across the Southern Minnesota region inked their letters of academic intent at South Central College.

"We are recognizing young people in our region that are pursuing degrees in highly skilled, high demand occupations. We want to recognize and honor their accomplishments," said South Central College President Annette Parker.

Local industry leaders, business partners and school officials were at the signing to support students as they begin their academic careers.

"We know that it's important to have people focus on these careers if our community is going to continue to be vibrant and grow as we have over the last 8 years," said Parker.

Greater Mankato Growth President and CEO Jonathon Zierdt added, "The focus on the need to have people skilled and trained in technical areas that will help advance our economy and our society is heightened now more than it's ever been."

At the signing, new recruits committed to one of over 40 degree options, including building design and advanced manufacturing.

"These are great careers. It's the dignity of work of being able to use your hands and great skill sets and your mind in today's workforce," said NC3 Executive Director Roger Tadajewski.

The signing is part of the NC3's National Signing Day. South Central College is one of 40 colleges to participate nationwide.

"It's exciting because this is the future of the United States. These are our future students. As we are here today, 10,000 people a day are retiring and that will continue for the next 17 or 18 years. So, we need the young people to be engaged," said Tadajewski. 

While students received support from college and local officials, they also got the chance to meet their future classmates.

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