KEYC - Cutter Fest Cancellations

Warm Weather Forces Sleigh and Cutter Festival Cancellations

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WASECA, Minn. -

The warm weather has prompted the rescheduling, alteration or canceling of events at the Sleigh and Cutter Festival in Waseca.

The main concern is public safety.

The warm weather continues to thin the ice on Clear Lake, where some of the events are held, and for other events, like the Kruger Memorial Vintage Snowmobile race they've had to cancel altogether, because there's just no snow.

"Ice is never safe, but it is really unsafe now," said Sheriff Brad Milbrath of Waseca, "With the warm weather and the wind is that we expect over the next couple of days, it's going to add water on top. Wind and water swirling will really erode the ice away quickly."

"The weather is the best and the worst," added festival organizer Ken Borgmann. "It's great for people who are enjoying the spring time weather, but for us in the festival, it's kind of a gut shot. We've had to cancel a lot of things that were scheduled for the outdoors."

The fireworks display on February 25 is the latest event to be canceled.

Not all the events have been put on ice.  The 14th Annual Diabetes Golf Tournament is still being held Saturday, February 18 at the Boat House Grill & Bar.

Plans for next year's Sleigh and Cutter Festival are already in the works.