KEYC - TCU Schools Works To Re-enforce The Positive

TCU Schools Works To Re-enforce The Positive

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LE CENTER, Minn. -

The State of Minnesota awards Tri–City United School District with a $40,000 grant to help foster a positive environment for students.

The money will help their Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program, which recognizes and rewards students for their positive actions rather than focusing on and punishing the bad.

Designed by the U.S. Department of Education, it extends to every aspect of the school day from the bus to the classroom and playground.

TCU-Le Center Principal Brian Grensteiner said, "Created an environment here at school that is just safe, productive and positive. We have reduced our major referrals to the main office by up to 60 percent in the last two and a half years."

The grant will go to support teacher training, materials and prizes for students.

TCU-Le Center Science Teacher Jeff Ballman said, "The little rewards we give, that where that grant really comes in and being able to help us provide for that. Bringing in speakers to show our kids this is what positive things do for us in our lives."

TCU's program focuses on their motto Titan PRIDE, which means Prepared, Respectful, Independent Thinkers, Determined to Demonstrate Excellence.

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