KEYC - Faribault Police's New K-9 Is Ready To Work

Faribault Police's New K-9 Is Ready To Work

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Faribault Police Officer Adam Marvin has a new partner, an energetic one-year-old Belgian Malinois named Cannon arriving last month from Belgium, handpicked for the department by the St. Paul Police Canine Unit.

Faribault Police K-9 Officer Adam Marvin said, "They've found these Belgian Malinois that are showing the same drive, the same initiative that the German Shepherds have shown."

Even though Cannon's been getting settled into his new home with Officer Marvin and his family... he isn't patrolling the streets just yet.

Next month, the pair begin training in St. Paul to get Cannon ready to protect and serve.

Marvin said, "A lot of the training will be obedience training, that's kind of what we're working on right now. Then they'll get into searching, article searching, searching buildings, they'll get into bite work, apprehension work."

Faribault Police began their Canine Program almost three years ago with their first dog Chase, and have been looking to add a second one to have a four–legged officer available for almost every shift, from a keen sense of smell to speed.

Faribault Police Chief Andy Bohlen said, "They can search a building in a matter of seconds where it takes an hour for officers to do the same kind of thing. They can apprehend suspects that are fleeing; they're a deterrent."

But in addition to police work, these man's best friends serve as an ambassador to the community, especially adored by kids.

And when the department was looking to get Cannon, it is the community that made it possible.

Bohlen said, "We raised probably $35,000 to $40,000 from the community. Some donations from private sponsors and well as we sold these little stuff Chase dog that has the police patch."

Officer Marvin and Cannon are expected to wrap of their training in May.

The Department opened up naming to residents and eventually chose Cannon partially in honor of the river that runs through the city.

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