The Cleveland Clippers boys basketball team features an explosive offense that has not one... or two ... but three ... thousand point scorers.

The thousand point mark is a milestone for any high school basketball player....

But there aren't too many teams out there with three on the same roster...

"It's pretty crazy, it's something that we've never done before obviously, and it's a thing that not a lot of kids get to say they do. We have a lot of offensive firepower that makes it easy to score," said Carter Kopet, Clippers guard. 

"It's really special, we all are really good friends and get along so we can joke about stuff, and it goes a long ways," said Jaiden Zishka, Clippers forward.

Jaiden Zishka, Austin Plonsky....and Carter Kopet....each brings something different to the court....

"I create a lot of dribble drive, a lot of kickouts for Austin so he can score, and Jaiden is just a big presence where any missed loose ball he can go get it and score off of that," said Kopet.

"The way that they share the basketball with each other is what I think makes it a really special group," said Dan Fredrickson, Cleveland head coach.

The trio's led the Clippers to a nice start...with just two blemishes on their record....and despite losing Kopet earlier in the season to a knee injury....Cleveland's offense continues to give opposing defenses fits.

"We've been playing together since seventh grade, so we know how to play without him, but it's tough losing a guy like Carter," said Plonsky, Clippers guard. 

"The injury just kind of the way the whole team's rallied around him, Jaiden's really stepped up, Austin, Mitch McCabe. It's been a team effort, you're not going to replace a player like Carter Kopet no team in the area can, so it's been a real team effort to do that," said Fredrickson. 

Even though scoring a thousand points is a nice mark to reach...the Clippers hope to finish the season competing at state.

"It's a big accomplishment for me, but we've got more important goals like winning games is more important to me," said Plonsky. 

A team with plenty of offensive firepower to go around....

--KEYC News 12 Sports